North Port Police Officer’s Pants Spontaneously Combust

It comes as no surprise to those of us involved with photographer’s rights to learn that once again LEOs were making up excuses and the facts to support the arrest of a photographer. In an article published in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, reporter Elaine Litherland lists the fairytales spun by the North Port Police Department.

A few weeks ago Steve Horrigan videotaped a traffic stop near his home.  He was arrested and spent the night in jail.  After several weeks he finally got his phone/camera back.  As it turns out Steve was telling the truth and the LEO’s pants are on fire.

The LEOs did not warn Horrigan fifteen times to stop videotaping.  They told him once – after correctly stating that he could videotape.  Horrigan did not disobey their directions regarding where he could stand while videotaping – in fact Horrigan was incredibly compliant. Horrigan broke no laws.

These LEOs should be prosecuted for armed robbery, aggravated assault and perjury. That won’t happen because LEOs are held to a higher standard than the rest of us.

One thing seems clear, Horrigan will be able to afford a much nicer video camera when this is all over.

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