Charges Dropped Against North Port Man for Video Tapping LEOs

As hoped and expected the State Attorney has dropped charges against Steve Horrigan for video tapping a traffic stop from his front yard. In an article published by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, it has been reported that Assistant State Attorney Eric Werbeck wrote “the State would be unable to prove the officer enjoyed an expectation of privacy with the defendant” and that the state likely could not “prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the officer’s duties were obstructed by the defendant’s conduct.”

Now, Horrigan’s attorney Andrea Mogensen, a very active civil rights litigator has announced that her client will seek monetary damages of $200,000 from the North Port Police Department.  Given the spate of recent awards to folks like Horrigan that seem like a reasonable outcome.

After Horrigan’s arrest the North Port PD claimed in sworn affidavidts that he, Horrigan, had committed all manner of deplorable criminal violations.  The problem for the North Port PD is that Horrigan went to the trouble of creating a video of entire incident – the cause of his arrest in the first place.  The video clearly shows that Horrigan did nothing wrong and certainly committed no criminal acts.

The video did, however, show that the North Port Police Department employs liars and purjerers – and that is criminal.  Now let’s see if the State Attorney applies the law equally.  I’d be willing to bet what little I own that they won’t.

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3 Responses to Charges Dropped Against North Port Man for Video Tapping LEOs

  1. Laura Smith says:

    Hear HEAR !!! Photography is NOT a crime and neither is videography. That they attempt to chip away at this with zones and etc is IMO evidence of their own culpability. Thank you to the attorney, Ms.

    • Laura Smith says:

      (above comment froze) ..

      Sincere thanks to the attorney, Ms. Mogensen who apparently remembers WHY she went to law school and her oath before the Florida Supreme Court.
      Congrats to the victim here who did nothing wrong. I videotape them if they come anywhere near me. They don’t like that. I don’t care. They’re not cops. I’m not a victim. I’ not going to let them make me a victim. It’s enough they try to steal from me and others, including our precious rights and God-given and Constitutional liberties.
      Mr. Chandler, btw, I have even more evidence (small but telling) that the files we discussed

  2. Laura Smith says:

    (froze again….) were DELETED from the sheriff’s website and then replaced. I have had files removed from my own computer. I regret we lost touch. I hope to correspond once again about this and other matters.

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