HonorYourOath (Jeff Gray) visits Naval Air Station Jax

It does seem odd that the US Navy would conspicuously place a retired Blue Angle fighter jet on a pedestal (literally) along an enormously busy highway and then be offended that someone would stop to take pictures of their display. It’s kind of like a woman who dresses provocatvly becoming indignant when a man takes notice.

“Hey, look at our really cool fighter jet that we placed right next to the highway. Hey, don’t take pictures of our really cool fighter jet.” So much for the “Global Force for Good.”

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5 Responses to HonorYourOath (Jeff Gray) visits Naval Air Station Jax

  1. Jeff Gray says:

    ” So much for the “Global Force for Good.”
    Oh man thats funny!

  2. Mr. Gray,
    Why do you continue to expose the ignorance of public servants? Can you not just leave them alone? These over paid, under worked brain surgeons will probably need PSD counseling due to these encounters. Keep it up. The public needs to see that there are corrupt officers amongst the honest officers. And maybe an honest officer will have the courage to honor his oath of office.

  3. Marco Not Rubio says:

    Jeff thanks for educating these uneducated LEO’s. I think the terrorists also drove cars, made purchases with cash and traveled freely. Maybe we should treat everyone who does these things with contempt, detain and try to intimidate them also. Hey it worked in Germany. These LEO’s apparently do not know when a Terry stop is legal. A brief, non-intrusive, police stop of a suspect. Keep up your quest for the pursuit for freedom. Do you plan to pursue legal action? I will donate to the cause if so.

    The Fourth Amendment requires that the police have a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been, is being, or is about to be committed before stopping a suspect. If the police reasonably suspect the person is armed and dangerous, they may conduct a frisk, a quick pat-down of the person’s outer clothing. See Terry v Ohio, 392 US 1, (1967).
    A reasonable suspicion exists when a reasonable person under the circumstances, would, based upon specific and articulable facts, suspect that a crime has been committed. 

  4. John Bandorf says:

    LOL – some assume that these cops are uneducated in U.S. Constitutional priniciples … I, however suspect that the cops initially assumed that the citizen (Gray) is uneducated in these constitutional priniciples ——- however, Gray quickly dispels any of those assumptions.
    POINT – its NOT ignorance by the police … its arrogance !!
    Keep that freakin camera(s) rolling.

  5. actofcourage says:

    WLYB…..love the card I think you should be posting the info on the card other than your name for others to get and carry. Cool remote dash cam as well. Stand your ground and keep the FAITH.

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