Stanly Voice, an activist for transportation needs of the elderly and disabled, meeting with Barbara Petersen of the Florida First Amendment Foundation.
Open government seminars have been a great opportunity to share insights and consider opposing points of view.
Thankfully, not all of my interactions with agencies have been adversarial.
Speaking at a civil rights rally.
A small group meeting with citizens interested in open government.
A one-on-one meeting with Stanley Voice, a dedicated advocate for transportation issues for the elderly and disabled.
Brainstorming open government issues with Barbara Petersen, President of the Florida First Amendment Foundation.
A training meeting with citizens.
Giving a keynote speech at an awards banquet hosted by the Associated Press.
Discussing open government issues with Dennis Strow, Chief of Police for the City of Williston, Florida.
Providing open government education to students has been one of the highlights of my career.
Over the years I’ve worked extensively with new media personalities like Carlos Miller of PINAC (Photography Is Not A Crime).
Meeting with Florida Senate President Don Gaetz to discuss new public records legislation.
Testifying before the Senate Committee on Government Accountability regarding access to government contracts.
Giving a media interview regarding open government issues.
Speaking to a group of civil rights workers.

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