Obligatory Disclaimer

This is a Web Log, more commonly known as a “blog.” I own the domain (www.FOGWatch.org), edit and maintain the site.

Folks are permitted to post comments on this site with very few restrictions. I believe in the market place of ideas and the First Amendment right to express one’s self. It is, therefore, only on rare occasions that I will remove or edit comments made by others. Those instances will generally be limited to the excessive use of obscenities, references to someone’s mother (mine in particular), comments of a sexual nature (unless I find them to have particularly high artistic value), etc. It’s my site, so you must play by my rules when making comments. If you are offended by what I write or by what I allow others to write, move along. No one is forcing you to stay here.

The focus of http://www.FOGWatch.org is open government issues in Florida and public records & open meetings access in particular. I do break stories here, although more often I am a source for other journalists. Some of my posts are editorial in nature, while others are sometimes little more than a link to important or interesting articles written by other journalists.

From time to time, some jackass will threaten litigation because they don’t like what appears on this site. If you believe that I have misstated or misrepresented the facts please let me know and I’ll be happy to recheck my facts. If, on the other hand you are just complaining because you don’t like the facts, save yourself the aggravation and simply stop visiting my site.

Obviously, comments left by a visitor are their opinions and probably do not reflect reality much less my view of things. If after considering what you just read you still want to litigate, please feel free to utilize our judicial system. I do.

6 Responses to Obligatory Disclaimer

  1. Chapter 119 Supporter says:

    Joel please contact me. I think we might be able to help each other. Thanks.

  2. Roger Bowers says:

    Hi,I am retired and have time to assist you in Hillsborough County,Tampa. Keep up the good work.
    Roger Bowers
    2805 W. Shelton Ave
    Tampa,Fl 33611

  3. bassem girgis says:

    Hi. I would like to join you guys help to fights for our rights. Please let me know how do I can join and help. Thanks

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