Why We Fight

In 2009 the Governor’s Commission On Open Government Reform delivered a 194 page report that opined “…the burden of enforcing violations of Florida’s open meetings and public records laws generally falls to citizens who have few alternatives other than seeking an injunction or filing suit in civil court to compel compliance.”

FOGWatch.org cheerfully accepts that burden because we are dedicated to the principles that our government serves at the pleasure of the governed and functions best when citizens know what is being done in their name and at their expense.

By exercising the rights guaranteed to every person in the Florida Constitution (Article 1, Section 24) and codified in Chapter 119.07 of the Florida Statutes, FOGWatch.org regularly audits the conduct of public agencies and government contractors in response to public records requests. It is the goal of FOGWatch.org to promote open government by holding public agencies and government contractors accountable.

8 Responses to Why We Fight

  1. Doug Neuhaus says:

    Under what laws are you entitled to the damages? I see the constitution requires access to documents, and the Florida public records act says agencies will strive to make access inexpensive and easy, but nowhere do I see requirements to produce documents for you. I ask because I pay for your frivolous lawsuits with my tax dollars and I can show damages for your abuse of the legal system. Quite literally I see a case against you. Please enlighten me as to why your cause is noble as you claim and not a scam?

    • wakeuphardee says:

      “Quite literally”…there should be no room for Mr. Chandler to be “scamming”. If public agencies would produce PUBLIC RECORDS as they are legally required to do, then Mr. Chandler would never have a case to file! Should we expect public agencies to break the law and get away with it and crucify a man who works hard to hold these agencies accountable? What is your reasoning?

      In my opinion, he should be awarded double his attorney’s fees! Someone needs to make an example of these corrupt agencies who try to suppress the rights of the people!

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  3. Marc says:

    I came here linked from Scott’s blog at simplejustice. I just want to thank you guys for your work making government more transparent.

  4. Jane Doe says:

    I am an employee at a local law enforcement agency who I believe is violating the law by documenting details regarding criminal histories (FCIC) in closed investigative files which have the potential of becoming public. I am looking for some clarification with this and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibility of a class action lawsuit which, if the law specifically prohibits maintaining FCIC information in closed files, would encompass hundreds of possible defendants. As I am currently still employed with this agency, I am concerned about my privacy.

  5. Thomas Covenant says:

    Damn am I glad “Honoryouroath” posted this website and info, it will be used I can assure you of that fact.

    BIG THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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